Saturday, July 12, 2008

King Obama Reigns Rain

Obama wants to rule the Democratic Party, and now America. I don't mean just to become president, but to become a dictator. As one king's reign ends, will another begin? But this king will be a million times worse. I know what some of you might be thinking --- is that possible? YES, YES, YES!!!

The people still supporting Obama's hypocrisy need to wake up!!! I feel as if his supporters have been hypnotized. I know that that sounds like paranoia, but I just don't get it. I did not see the arrogance of Obama until Senator Ted Kennedy endorsed him. He sat as if he was on a thrown. My feelings of him shifted from dirty dishwater to acid rain. How can anybody, and I do mean anybody still support him. I have been a democrat my whole life, and was proud to be a liberal, but not now. There is a huge difference in being a liberal vs. a latte liberal. It's a daylight from dark difference. And Obama and his gang are lattes. Example, they promote and speak on environmental issues, yet I know a lot of them are living everyday in excessive waste. Driving enormous SUV's, private planes, limousines, etc., the latte liberals have given all liberals a bad name. Yeah I know, the ole "do as I say, not as I do" variant.

As our country moves toward a more fascist state and more and more of our liberties are ripped out beneath are very feet, there will soon come a time in which Americans will not have a voice. Does this sound ridiculous? I hope that you said no. Our pseudo representatives have ignored the constitution so long that I feel it will be totally dissolved and a new constitution will be written for a so-called NEW AMERICA. And Obama is one that could do this. Paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin: Anyone who trades liberty for security will loose both and deserve neither.

I have grown to loathe the word CHANGE. Even when I listen to music, and when the artist sings the word CHANGE, I think of Obama, and I become nauseous. That may sound a little silly, but I am so tired of hearing the O word that I rarely watch the news. I went from watching CNN religiously everyday to a complete flatline. I even tried to watch Fox News a few times, only because they are the only news media on television who are somewhat fair towards Hillary.

We have to march onward!!! All the way!!! Obama is an obamination or should I say an abomination. Obama, you are not going to reign on our parade!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I would like to tell you that I feel, no I know, that Barack Hussein O~Bomb~a is a racist. How can any American vote for this man. To conceive any notion of a fragmented possibility to vote for him would truly run against what true Americans stand for. He simply cannot be trusted. He is a liar!!! Do not trust this man of so called CHANGE. What change is he talking about? What true agenda does he have?

Hillary is the true heart and soul of our country!!! She has proven herself time and time again. She is for ALL Americans!!! I rally for all good people, good Americans that I know that you are to put forth your voice! Please, please do not ever trust this man, and do not wane come November.

Stand tall; stand strong!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Needed: Hillary Clinton

My deepest heart felt feelings simply cannot be put into words. I have waited almost eight very, very long years for hope in leadership from our government. What is our government? Who are these people? Do they really represent us the way they are suppose to? Once they get into office they do not need us anymore, only when an election comes up. We The People have put these clowns (well, some are definitely clowns) into office to represent us, the people. We are their boss!!!

I feel that it is the humaness of humans. Once some people get power, it can unfortunately corrupt them. It is as if the power seeps into the dark holes of their souls and grows like cancer. But we needs heroes who can take on lobbyists and swat them like flies, run them out of Washington like rats who they really are. Someone who will not deter from a belief of representing the people, to always keep the people in mind. Is there anyone who can rise to this? I do feel that there are people who can for the most part ware the hearts of the American people on their shoulder. One is Hillary Clinton!!!!! She would have made a wonderful president!!!!!

In my lifetime, Bill Clinton was the only president who I felt proud to represent my country. He was a wonderful president. Yet, I truly feel that Hillary would have made even a better president than he was. When Reagan was president, I never ever dreamt that we would have a worse president than him, that was until Bush Jr. It blows my mind way we haven't risen up as a people and impeached him. Of course, now is the end of his reign, thank goodness!!! But what lies around the corner for us now?

I regretfully feel that O~bomb ~A will be our next president. But, we have to have hope and fight in us to stop this from happening. We must as a people continue to fight for justice for the rights of the American people!!! Our voices do count, and our voices will be heard!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Dem to Pub?????????

I first would like to introduce myself. I am a middle aged white woman who is very, very outraged, no appalled on how the political arena is being ran. Since the 2000 election, our president has been chosen for us. (I know what you are thinking, JFK's election was also rigged, but I was just a baby then. So that doesn't concern me today.) The election in November will not be any different. What ever happened to--We The People??? For eight long years We The People have had to put up with a doofus as president.

And hear we go again, the only two choices we have are either the witch or the devil. Which witch is which? My opinion is that Hussein Zer O is the devil and McCain is the witch. I am so angry that in all my consciousness can I or would I ever even entertain the idea to vote for either one of these vial creatures. Bush W (Jr.) has started WWIII and Zer O will finish it. Between today and November, I am sorry to say that it really doesn't matter how hard anyone supports or campains for their candidate of choice. For ZER OBOMBA will be our next president. You want to know how I know?

It's simply the 1%. The 1% who own the money, the media, and really the world. These people control everything. This 1% want ZER OBOMBA as our next president, and this will be so. It's so so sad. Before the next four years play out, Americans will wish that they had never heard the O word. I said the same about Jr. I knew that America would be sorry that they ever voted for an a-hole. But it's too late, damage is done. We're stuck.

If I were rich, I would leave America and go live in another country somewhere else. Susan Sarandon said that if McCain becomes president that she would either move to Italy or Canada. How convenient, see she's rich and she can afford to do so. What of the millions of us who do not have that luxary? The poor will always suffer. I am tired, I can't even watch the news any more because of the O word. The media has been for Zer O since early on.

Does any one realize that CHANGE can be for the worse? (And by the way, O stole the word CHANGE from Bill Clinton. Clinton used the word CHANGE during his campaign.) What an original. O will be the next Jimmy Carter, only worse. I am afraid that we are in dark days and we will not see the light for a very very long time to come.